Kimberly Bourne Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling provides a safe, supportive space to talk about painful feelings and personal issues in a confidential setting. The focus of counselling depends on what is most important for you: it may be an aspect of life you find challenging to deal with alone and would like help to work through. You may be experiencing problems in a relationship and need support and a sense of direction. The emphasis is on helping you find your own answers within a safe and accepting environment.

Counselling helps with allowing and exploring what exists in our internal and external worlds so we can begin to face and work through what is there with a new openness to ourselves and our experience. Talking with someone impartial who listens with understanding and genuinely cares can help us gain clarity and bring us into more expansive, productive places in our lives. Counselling may also provide an opportunity to look at past limiting patterns of relating, helping us understand their influence now and how to change. It may help us grow in understanding of unconscious aspects of ourselves and our relationships, bringing about healing, wholeness and a greater appreciation of ourselves.

Although each person’s process is unique, some of the many benefits of counselling include:

  • Helping to resolve difficult or overwhelming feelings
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and inner conflict
  • Finding ways of coping with depression
  • Help with relationship or family difficulties
  • Support in a time of crisis
  • Support through  life changes, ie a new baby, retirement, redundancy, changes in health, loss, bereavement
  • Finding confidence, increased self-esteem and self-compassion
  • Shifting ‘stuck’ feelings and situations by exploring choices and decision making
  • Identifying why the same things keep happening and how to change this
  • Gaining understanding of ourselves and connections between past and present
  • Owning, exploring and changing old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour
  • Growing in self awareness and freedom to be our real self
  • A greater sense of living life to the full